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Newsletter - New Secrets About Health and Wellness - GMO Mini-Summit and Monsanto wins Food Prize.
October 11, 2013
Yours in Health and Wellness

GMO Mini-Summit

The Institue for Responsible Technology and the Food Revolution Network have organized the worldwide GMO Mini-Summit.

This will be broadcast worldwide on the Internet October 25th - 27th, 2013.

The speakers include agricultural scientists, medical doctors, researchers, and others from India, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and the USA.

Typically the speakers are recorded and links are provided to the recordings for about 24 hours to allow for time zone differences, work commitments etc. But you do need to register for the mini-summit to receive these links. You will find a lot of detailed information, including brief bios of the speakers, and can RESERVE YOUR FREE TICKET by clicking here (opens new window).

You can find the two recent Newsletters on GMO foods at the Back Issues link below.

And the award goes to … MONSANTO?

On the other side of the coin The Center for Food Safety has just announced that the World Food Prize is being awarded to the biotech giants Monsanto and Syngenta. The Prize is dedicated to furthering a “nutritious and sustainable food supply,” but GE crops are about feeding the profits of biotech giants, not the world’s hungry.

If you have read the Newsletters on GMO Foods you will have some sense of how ludicrous this is. The two companies leading the world to a DRAMATIC DECREASE in soil fertility; diversity of crops; nutrient density of crops; health of animals fed on GE crops or animals genetically engineered themselves; and the health of humans fed GE products, obviously do not deserve the World Food Prize! If you would like to tell the World Food Prize Foundation that you do not support rewarding Monsanto and Syngenta’s unsustainable and deceitful practices please CLICK HERE (opens new window).

The next full Newsletter will cover Steps to Healthy Cholesterol and Homocysteine.

Yours in Health and Wellness


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