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I am currently working with a group of 70 retirees of Kwantlen Polytechnic University to create a retirees association. For a brief overview and to get access to a detailed report on retirees associations in universities and colleges across Canada Click Here.

My consulting expertise is based on extensive leadership experience including 10 years as an officer in the Canadian Navy; Founding President of a Faculty Union; a national college organization; and 20+ years as a college and university dean. With this background I am useful to organizations interested in consultation on leadership; development and organization of retiree organizations; culturally-sensitive residential care for seniors; degree development; degree review; negotiations and mediation; excellence in hiring and selection practices; anti-racism and inclusiveness practices and policies; and academic and research policy development.


I have a number of sources of income so I currently consult at a relatively low rate of $800 Canadian per day plus any travel or accommodation expenses.

Recent Projects

University Retirees Association

1. Research the structure, organization, objectives, activities, funding, legal structure etc. of college and university retirees associations in Canada and the USA.

2. Provide recommendations on the formation of a retirees association, its constitution and the above issues to a 17,000 student university.

Culturally-Sensitive Residential Care for Seniors

1. In concert with a not-for-profit society, create a working definition of culturally-sensitive health care.

2. Conduct literature search on ethno-specific health care; culturally-competent health care; and culturally-sensitive health care.

3. Provide briefing papers for use in negotiations with provincial and local health authorities; provincial and federal Ministers of relevant government departments; and federal, provincial and municipal politicians.

4. Liaise with architectural and construction management firms on the planning of a 120 private room seniors residential care facility - Diversity Village.

Degree Review

1. Conduct an external organizational review of a private college.

2. Conduct an external review of its Associate of Arts Degree.

Degree Development

1. Provide advice on the extensive redevelopment of a Bachelor level degree.

2. Evaluate the Learning Outcomes of all courses in the degree and measure their relevance against the content of each course.

3. Evaluate the degree Learning Outcomes and measure their relevance and accuracy against the course Learning Outcomes.

4. Validate the degree Learning Outcomes through four focus groups: graduates of the 2 year diploma; graduates of the degree; degree graduates of the Executive Cohort version of the degree; and an industry group of prospective employers.

Intellectual Property – Policy Developmen

1. Review and analysis of Intellectual Property and/or Copyright and Patent Policies of at least 5 major Canadian Research Universities;

2. Review and analysis of Intellectual Property and/or Copyright and Patent Policies of at least 5 smaller Canadian Universities, Colleges or Institutes;

3. Report and consult on reviews and analyses;

4. Review policies and collective agreements of KPU for any points of overlap and potential conflict;

5. Draft Intellectual Property Policy for KPU;

6. Provide Options for Revenue Sharing;

7. Draft Procedures to IP Policy;

8. Draft Briefing Paper on draft policy and procedures.

Awards and Prizes

1. Research and review relevant external Canadian and international awards and prizes for administrators, faculty, students and staff.

2. Compile summaries of external awards and prizes.

3. Provide recommendations on organization and web-based presentation of external awards and prizes.

Employment Skills Access

1. Provide consultation, advice, and direction on the effective operation, successful outcomes and reporting on a series of Employment Skills Access Programs

• Women Exploring Skilled Trades Employment Programme (WE-STEP)

• Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHP)

• Guildford Unique Employment Skills Training (GUEST)

• Co-Operative Education Initiatives

Merger of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences into a Faculty of Arts

1. Consultant to the Faculty of Arts Working Group investigating and reporting on the desirability, feasibility and timelines for merging two significant faculties offering a shared BA and other degrees into the largest single faculty in the university

Co-Operative Education

1. Provide consultation, advice and direction on the effective operation, organization, and leadership of a university Co-Operative Education Office.

Background Information

Details of recent projects and my c-v are available on request to bona-fide institutions.

Contact Me

Preliminary contact

can be made by e-mail.

Please use Consulting as the subject in the e-mail header.

Thank you for your interest.

Roger D. Elmes

Dean Emeritus

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