Degenerative Bone Disease

One of Many Preventable Degenerative Diseases

Degenerative bone disease – Osteoporosis – is a very common disorder and a fall with an osteoporotic hip can leave you bedridden; and a plus is the 20-30% death rate within a year from complications. But it is only one of many, many degenerative diseases.

If Osteoporosis is not your cup of tea, have you thought about macular degenerative eye disease – macular degeneration? Degenerative eye disease is not fun.

Or would you like to die prematurely from cancer after months or years of struggle and suffering?

How about cardiovascular or heart disease?

Maybe you’d prefer a debilitating stroke or Alzheimer’s and spending the final years of your life as a vegetable.

Arthritis is another choice if you go for the pain and suffering.

Or you can treat yourself to enough treats that you end up treating yourself to Type 2 Diabetes and all of its terrible complications.

Do you prefer degenerative back disease?

That certainly does not exhaust the list of over 50 preventable degenerative diseases. That’s right preventable because Lifestyle, Education, Activity and Nutrition (LEAN) can help you prevent these diseases.

You can get a good basic understanding of the root cause of many diseases by going to

this page on the Harmful Effects of Free Radicals. (Opens new window.) Then you can find out how to control free radicals by going to Antioxidant Facts (opens new window.) You can chase down a lot of the LEAN steps to take to protect yourself against degenerative disease and to improve you immune system by protecting your major asset - your body on the page Asset-Check (which opens in a new window). I cover a lot of these degenerative diseases and the medical evidence for using the right vitamins and minerals to prevent them in Its About Health (opens new window).

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