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This page, roger-elmes, provides access to the various activities I’m engaged in. I hope that you enjoy reading the various web sites or blogs. A close look will illustrate common themes and my love of a challenge.


My leadership experience includes 10 years as an officer in the Canadian Navy; President of a Faculty Union; a national college organization; and 20+ years as a college and university dean. With this background I am useful to organizations interested in consulting on leadership; culturally-sensitive residential health care for seniors; retiree associations; degree and program development and review: negotiations and mediation; excellence in hiring and selection practices; and academic and research policy development. For more on Consulting including recent projects click here(opens new window).

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Health and Wellness

This is a website I developed to outline the 11 key steps to health. It has lots of useful, evidence-based information. You'll find it here (in a new window).


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, sometimes referred to as Magnetic Resonance Therapy is how we counteract the invisible but highly negative effects of electro-smog on the trillions of cells that make up our highly complex bodies.

Men and women evolved over thousands of years walking on the earth's surface in close contact with the life-giving earth's magnetic field. In our modern world that contact has been broken in a number of ways. Cell phones, cell towers, radio waves, artificial magnetic fields in the modern home or condo - all mean that our cells are not resonating in the proper frequencies.

But there is a Health Canada approved device that you can use at home or when travelling to restore this balance by matching the magnetic frequencies and intensities of the earth's magnetic field.

This form of therapy has been approved by the US FDA since 1932 for mending bone fractures that are not healing. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

The next link takes you directly to the 7th edition of my book on health and wellness. This 225 page book, in e-book format, contains all the information found in my health web site and a lot more, including summaries of over 450 studies found in medical journals. Details on its contents can be found here (opens new window).

Travel in Europe by Motorhome and in BC by Sailboat

This blog covers about 2 years of travel with historical and current information on the many places visited – lots of pictures. It can all be found right here (in a new window). To read the blog in chronological order, start in the Archives section in October 2006 with our departure from Vancouver, Canada enroute to New York City via San Francisco, and the southern states. From NYC we took the Queen Mary 2 to England, the Chunnel and train to Brussels and eventually a "new" motorhome on to the south of France. Hopefully by then you will want to follow it through its various side routes, detours and nooks and crannies.

Summer, Fall and Spring in Whistler

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada especially after the 2010 Winter Olympics, is usually associated with winter sports.

But there is a ton of activities to enjoy in the other three seasons. Spring, Summer and Fall in Whistler - lots of pictures and information. (Opens New Window)


This page tells you about my FORMER 70 foot sailboat on which I offered lessons and charters. She's now sold and the website is down but I put some pictures together because I loved her so much that she was difficult to part with. This way I can check her out whenever I want. It also gives me a quick way to answer questions I still get from various parts of the world about the boat. For sailing click here (opens new window).

UNTD - University Naval Training Division

The UNTD was my route into the Canadian Navy. The programme ran at Canadian universities and naval reserve divisions from 1943 to 1968, the year in which I headed up the training of the last of the UNTDs - a small group of those officially enrolled and sworn in before the unified armed forces made a very unwise decision and cancelled the programme along with its equivalents in the army and airforce.

Ultimately this short-sighted decision led to the breaking of the connection between Canada's universities and military, resulting ultimately in the situation in 2011 where, with the completion of the service of ex-UNTD Senator Bill Rompkey (Newfoundland), there was only one Canadian Parliamentarian with military experience and service. In 2016 there are a few more including the current Minister of Defense.

I am currently President of the UNTD Association of Canada. More on the UNTD can be found in this new window.

Other Naval Things

I am a member of the Naval Officers Association of British Columbia NOABC(founded in 1919) Naval Officers Association of British Columbia (new window) (founded in 1919) and of the
Naval Association of Canada (in new window).
I am currently a member of the BC Squadron of the Royal Naval Sailing Association. This organization has for 40 years in BC been the organizer of single-handed sailing races between Vancouver and Nanaimo. RNSA opens in a new window.

Community Service

I am the Past President of the Board of Directors of the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society. PICS (new window) PICS provides services, training and education to new Canadians and operates a college. It also operates subsidized housing for seniors, and for battered women as well an Assisted Living facility for seniors. At present we are engaged in the development of a 140 private room Residential Care facility that will provide subsidized culturally-sensitive Complex and Extended Care.

The ground floor of the facility will have Toddler Care; Daycare for 3-5 year olds; and a Montessori Pre School that will ensure that the seniors in PICS Diversity Village will have contact with young people at the beginning of their lives. This interaction is beneficial to both and helps with the emotional and cognitive health of seniors. This floor will also have a hair salon/spa; café; small store and pharmacy; doctor's office; and hospital grade kitchen.

Floors 2 to 5 will have a total of 14 "houses" each with 10 private rooms. Each private room will have toilet, shower and sink; bed; TV, couch. Each house will have a kitchen; dining room, living room and activity room for the 10 residents. Having 14 distinct houses will allow us to accommodate 14 different groups. For example one house could be dedicated to residents with Alzheimer's or other dementias; several could be dedicated to South Asians; some could focus on Filipinos; some on Spanish-speakers. A house could also focus on the LGBTQ community.

We define culturally- sensitive health care as a facility or program in which the clients, while not limited to the same ethnic or religious group will have a sufficiently diverse staff to ensure that (at minimum) residents are fully understood when speaking their mother tongue; the food is familiar to them; their religion(s) can be practised in an environment that is appropriate; they are in a place that feels like home; they are around people, both residents and care-givers, that have common interests and belief systems; and they are in an environment where family and friends feel welcome.

The beauty of our design of 14 independent "houses" is that each house can be devoted to a distinct group.

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