Silicon Supplement

What is silicon - silicon supplement is a good way to ensure the level of silicon element as a nutritional trace mineral in your body. Remember all of the vitamins and minerals work best in synergy, a real reason to get all of them in a reliable multivitamin, multi-mineral format. Get all of them in a reliable format (opens new window).

• Among silicon uses is to help Calcium absorption in bone

• Helps maintain flexible arteries

• Another of the uses of silicon - helps to prevent cardiovascular disease

• Helps skin and hair

• You'll have to look elsewhere for silicon breast implants - we don't recommend them


• No RDA but probably less than 50 mg/day is safe Encyl Nat Heal

Dosage by Supplements

As Silicon Amino Acid Complex:

• Adults 4mg/day

• Teens 3 mg/day

• Children 1-4 years 1 mg/day; 4+ years 2 mg/day


Not known.

More Information

You will find lots more information, including full citations and summaries of studies from medical journals in my book It’s About Health. But you can also continue to surf the 200 free pages of this website for lots of valuable, evidence-based information. It’s About Health

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