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You Do Need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamins and MineralsWhy Nutritional Supplements? Do you need super supplements? Do you live on an organic farm and eat only products grown or raised there – only vine or tree-ripened produce and fruits? If you do, and that’s a big if involving less than 1% of the population in developed countries, then you don’t need to take nutritional supplements.

Otherwise you do need nutritional supplements every day of your life.

As noted in a 1997 editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association “the era of nutrient supplements to support health and reduce illness is here to stay”. JAMA 1997: 1398

TO GET RDA of essential nutrients YOU NEED:

• 6-12 grains/day

• 5-10 fruits or veggies/day

• 2-4 dairy/day

• 2-4 servings of protein/day

What Percentage of North Americans Eat This Way?

• Less than 3% … US Dept Agric survey of 27,000 Americans in a random sample

• About 1% of B.C. women!! David Anderson, M.D. White Rock, B.C.

• About 1% of U.S. children!!! Pediatrics 1998; 101S; 518-525

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

RDA are rock bottom requirements and way below the level needed for good health and to prevent today’s degenerative diseases. Initially developed for diseases like scurvy, pellagra and rickets they are woefully out of date. They are being upgraded.Paradoxically as the levels are raised, an even smaller percentage of our population would meet the RDA levels.

This is a shocking picture and it helps to explain the increasing rate of degenerative diseases. As people get more and more of their nutrition from the empty calories of fast foods, processed foods and fruits and vegetables that have been depleted in vitamins and minerals this shocking picture will get worse and worse. Given that we have lots of evidence about the positive effects of dietary supplements we should all be looking for high quality super supplements. If you have not read the page on our food supply you can review that now (opens new window).

So you can make poor food choices as most people do and your health is jeopardized.

Or you can make excellent food choices and your health is jeopardized (unless you live on an organic farm that has good topsoil and consume properly ripened produce – fruits and veggies).

So 99% of us are between a rock and a hard place. What’s the way out? What do we do to protect our health.

The base of the solution is Healthy Eating. You can review that here if you haven't seen it or want to reread it (opens new window).

But even with that base in place you will still need super supplements for health and to prevent degenerative diseases.

Let’s take a quick peek at some general statements from medical journals, outlining the need for nutritional supplements. World renown medical journals have many studies of this type.

• The editorial position of the Journal of the American Medical Association was outlined in 1997 – “The era of nutrient supplements to support health and reduce illness is here to stay.” JAMA 1997; 277:1398-1399

• The RDA Committee of the National Academy of Sciences says the US diet does not contain sufficient nutrients for normal health. Almost everyone should take supplements. N Engl J Med 9 April 1998

• All adults should take a multivitamin everyday, according to two Harvard doctors, to help prevent a number of chronic diseases including heart disease, osteoporosis and some cancers. JAMA 2002; 287:3127-3129

• Vitamins and trace minerals contribute to the body’s natural defences by supporting physical barriers (skin and mucosa), cellular immunity, and antibody production. Supplementation with Vitamins A, B6, B12,C, D, E, and Folic Acid and the trace elements iron, zinc, copper and selenium in a quality multivitamin and multi-mineral can support the body’s natural defence system by supporting all three levels of immunity. Br J Nutr2007; 98:S29-S35

These few pieces of evidence demonstrate the effects of dietary supplements and substantiate the need for super supplements. The super supplements I personally rely on can be found here (opens new window).

As you continue through this site, on the next page "Top Rated Vitamins - Quality Does Matter" you'll find out a lot more about why I think these are indeed super supplements and why they have been certified by independent organizations.

But there is a lot more medical evidence about the need for super supplements. These pages will progress to that topic if you follow along. We’ll get to some studies about supplements and specific degenerative diseases. If you want to jump ahead to Alternative Health Care Research that you can do so here (opens new window).

I’ll also talk in the section on Weight Loss about the use of supplements when working on trimming excess fat.

All of this information and much, much more is covered in the 7th edition of my bookIt’s About Health. Or you can continue to surf through the many pages of evidence-based information on the website. It’s About Health

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