Why Take Vitamins?

Why Take Supplements?

Why Take Nutritionals?

In the popular literature on nutritional supplements the words vitamins, supplements, and nutritionals are often used interchangeably. So the three questions why take vitamins, why take nutritionals and why take supplements have the same meaning in this context.

Discover why vitamin and mineral supplements are necessary for health and well-being; read the medical and scientific evidence and you will understand the answer to the question why take vitamins.

The Quality Issue

Check out what Dr. Oz has to say about one company that exceeds standards. Scroll down a bit on the new page.

Instead of writing long essays we have kept his web page brief and simple by using PowerPoint slides. Each slide deals with a few concepts.

1 - Introduction

3 – Some Alarming Trends

7 - Free Radicals

14 – Am I Getting All the Nutrients I Need?

19 – Are the Nutrients in Our Food?

20 – Pesticides and Cancer

23 – Medical and Scientific Evidence for Supplements

     28 – ADHD

     29 – Aging

     31 - Alzheimer’s

     32 – Osteoarthritis

     33 - Rheumatoid Arthritis

     35 – Cancer Prevention; DNA Damage; Cancer Recurrence; Cancer and Chemo

     40 - Cardiovascular Disease

     47 – Hypertension

     49 – Osteoporosis

51 – Thirteen Other Degenerative Diseases and Conditions

52 – Choosing Supplements – What Matters?

68 – Skin – Your Largest Organ

72 – Weight Management

74 – More Information

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