Large 2 Bedroom at Cliff Club

Cliff Club at Snowbird is one of the gems of the RCI System of Timeshares because it has such tremendous trading power. In May we used our one week two bedroom, two full baths unit at Cliff Club in exchange for two full weeks -  one week in Sedona, Arizona and one week in Palm Springs, California. We have also used this as an exchange for a week in Hawaii, the most desirable and expensive in the RCI System. You'll see in a few minutes why it has such high value. But here are a few pictures of the resort.

We own a bi-annual red week (June to October) large unit at Cliff Cub. The two large bedrooms are separated by the kitchen/dining room/living room complex. The 2nd bedroom, which is as large as the master, features a full bathroom and is set up like a hotel room and can be locked off and rented out if you only need one bedroom.

Access to the balcony and your private hot tub is through the living room or through the master bedroom. Even during the summer the evenings can be cool and there is nothing better than looking at the stars while sipping a glass of cold white wine in the private hot tub.

Or in the evening you could go up to the rooftop pool and social hot tub. Frankly we like to use the rooftop facilities in the early morning or in the late afternoon after an invigorating hike or mountain bike ride.

You can also enjoy the excellent restaurants and lounges. Or you can cook in your own kitchen. Your choice.

During the summer, Snowbird offers great hiking and mountain biking, or the thrilling alpine slide and zip line. If these more athletic activities are not your cup of tea 7 days a week, there are great sights to visit in and around Salt Lake City.

Why is Cliff Club so Valuable?

While this is still a fee simple registered ownership, after a few years we had the option, for a fee, to change the week exchange into points exchange. In effect we now have 90,000 points under the RCI Points System. So these points are very valuable. In addition to maximum trading power they can also be used for a few days here, a few days there, and so on.

The Deal

So all of this is offered at the incredible price of $8,000 Canadian, an unmatched bargain that you would never find if you could purchase a new unit in this resort and pay the fee to convert to these valuable points exchange - all in US dollars - at a crippling exchange rate.

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