Up-to-Date Evidence for Supplements

Beginning 15 February 2009, this Blog will keep you informed about:

- new evidence-based developments in weight management and fitness;

- up-to-date evidence from medical and scientific journals about vitamin and mineral supplementation;

- new evidence-based information about nutrition, the adequacy of the food supply and related topics;

There is often a lot of misinformation about health in the headlines. Cut through it. The spin stops here.

Why Take Vitamins

Why take vitamins is a common question, answered here in a concise form with solid evidence from medical and scientific journals. Vitamins, sometimes called nutritritionals or supplements are essentia

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Active Boomers

Active Boomers, sometimes known as Zoomers, are people who want to maintain their health and well-being. This information will help.

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On this last page of Why Take Vitamins we explore the importance of protecting your largest organ. You protect it from the inside with high quality supplements; from outside with no parabens skin care

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You now know why take vitamins. Make an informed decision about choosing supplements, high quality supplements.Learn why vitamins research is important.

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Why-take-vitamins answers the question why take vitamins

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