Type 2 Diabetes Diets

Type 2 Diabetes diets can be developed to fit your needs by understanding the meaning of Glycemic Load. This is an absolutely critical topic. If you already have Type 2 Diabetes this information would have proved very useful in never even getting to the early symptoms diabetes.

And now this information can help you to better control the sugar or glucose levels in your blood. If you are already under medical care for Type 2 Diabetes and on insulin do NOT stop taking the insulin and following the instructions of your MD physician. But do work with him or her to create a diet that has low glycemic loads. Over time you may be able, in consultation with your physician, to lower the amount of insulin you need to take. Follow this link for Low Glycemic Load Foods (opens new window).

Historically, Type 2 Diabetes was often referred to as Adult Onset Diabetes, while Type 1 Diabetes was called Juvenile Diabetes.

With the prosperity of post World War 2 (the birth years of the “Baby Boomers”) came the trend to processed foods and eventually highly processed foods, many of which were high glycemic in nature and lower in nutrition. This trend increased over the next 6 decades until today we have an epidemic of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

Television advertising certainly contributed to this and over the last 15 years the level of juvenile obesity has reached alarming proportions. This in turn will lead to an even higher rate of Type 2 Diabetes as these children grow into adults, if they are lucky enough to avoid it in their juvenile years.

Type 2 Diabetes has become so prevalent in developed countries that in one such country, Canada, the national diabetes association has issued a report An Economic Tsunami: The Cost of Diabetes in Canada (opens new window).

While Canada is the second largest country in the world and has by far the longest coastline, its 2010 population is less than 34 million. About 2.5 million (7.4%) have been diagnosed with diabetes and if the undiagnosed cases are included the total rises to over 3 million (9.1%). That is a staggering number!

If the number of prediabetics is included an overwhelming 1 in 4 (25%) of the Canadian population is affected. And the economic costs are equally staggering.

The 2010 cost of diabetes in Canada of $12.2 billion equates to about 1% of GDP. That's a Whopper. Actually too many people have been eating Whoppers and other high glycemic load foods.

And yet all of this IS avoidable – it is a preventable degenerative disease caused by poor lifestyle and diet.

This situation can be rectified and Type 2 Diabetes essentially eradicated by good Lifestyle, Education, Activity and Nutrition.

A number of useful guidelines and information on developing your own Type 2 Diabetes diets are found in the page on Healthy Eating Guidelines (opens new window).

More on Activity can be found at Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly (opens new window).

You will also find some important secrets about keeping a healthy weight at Weight Management (opens new window).

You will find a lot more information in the 200 page e-bookIt's About Health including research from medical journals about Type 2 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Diets. You can find this at It's About Health (new window) or you can surf through a lot of pages on this site for tons of info.

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