Asset Check

We all need to regularly do an asset check.

If you surfed through the ether and landed here unexpectedly I need to explain that your major asset is your body. If you lose your health you’ll be willing to give up all your assets to get it back. And that might not be possible. You can visit that discussion here. Your Health - Your Major Asset

So why not be proactive and get involved in prevention – disease prevention.

10 Ways to Protect your Major Asset

These are 10 asset management tools. In fact we're so thorough that we're giving you 11 ways to protect your health. If you use them well you'll be able to protect the most important of your long term assets - your health. Follow each asset link to better health - surf the whole site.

• Healthy Lifestyle Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle

• Healthy Eating Basics of Healthy Eating

• Choose carefully from The North American Food Supply The Food Supply has problems - some tips

Pesticides and Herbicides are a major issue; Vitamins and Minerals are lost in Food Storage, Transportation and Processing; Are there Alternatives These will hurt you - Check the Alternatives

• You Do Need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Find out more about why you need them - medical evidence

• Quality Does Matter – Do Not Just Go Buy the Cheapest at Wal…… Criteria for Quality

• Prevent Degenerative Diseases Take steps to protect yourself from Degenerative Diseases like degenerative bone disease.

• Care for Your Skin – the Largest Organ of Your Body One of your first immune defences

Manage Weight – Do Not Yo Yo Diet This absolutely critical - yo yo dieting is destructive

• Exercise Light to strenuous - what can you manage

Understand the Medical Evidence for Using Nutritional Supplements The evidence is overwhelming - check it here

If you follow these suggestions you'll improve your debt to asset ratio - decrease your debt by decreasing those things that limit your health now and in the future and by taking active steps to build up your health bank balance.

Here's a couple of bonus topics in case you don't pick them up when going through the above pages. The first deals with Free Radicals, a principal cause of many degenerative diseases.

The second gives you some antioxidant facts.

The third deals with electro-magnetic pollution and what you can do about it.

My book, It’s About Health, is in its 7th edition and covers all this information in detail. This option to buy it is right up front because over 60% of the people at my public talks want to buy the book. So I refer them to my website. It’s About Health

But if you’re a sceptic like me you’ll want to see more before spending even $15. You’ll want to see timely, reliable, relevant, researched information. And there’s lots of it here. So click on another page that interests you. Click on all the pages you like – that’s what surfing is about.

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