B 6 Vitamin (Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine)

B 6 Vitamin is critical to many body functions ranging from chemical transmitters in the nervous system to the multiplication of all cells.

Vitamin B6 deficiency can result in dry cracking of lips, glucose intolerance, impaired nerve function, anaemia, eczema and other conditions.(Encyc Nutr Suppl 100)

General Functions

• water-soluble vitamin

• food metabolism and release of energy Alt Med

• essential for amino acid metabolism Alt Med

• needed for formation of blood proteins Alt Med

• involved in formation of structural compounds Encyl Nutr Suppl

• vital for formation of antibodies Alt Med

• helps maintain immune function Encyl Nutr Suppl

• helps maintain hormonal balance Encyl NutrSuppl

• helps regulate electrolytic balance Alt Med

• prescription of oral contraceptives may cause Vitamin B6 deficiencyAlt Med

• about 27 mg/day of Vitamin B6, 60 mcg/day of B12 and 1000 mcg/day of folic acid will lower homocysteine levels (an independent factor for cardiovascular disease) to safe, normal levels. JAMA 1995; 1049-57

• low levels of Vitamin B6 are also associated with asthma, carpel tunnel syndrome, depression, kidney stones (calcium oxalate)


Of the two forms of B 6 vitamin, pyridoxal-5-phosphate and pyridoxine hydrochloride, the latter is more common and works very well provided that your multivitamin/multi-mineral contains riboflavin (B2) and magnesium. The phosphate form is reportedly more active but the phosphate is removed as it is processed through the walls of the intestine, before your body can absorb it.


• Adults 1.3 mg/day

• Teens 1.3 mg/day

• Children 1-4 years 0.5 mg/day; 4+ years 0.6 mg/day

Dosage by Supplements

A safe dosage for Vitamin B 6 lies between 27 and 100 mg/day, even for long term use. Under normal situations and for normal maintenance of health, dosages at the lower end are sufficient.

• Adults 32 mg/day

• Teens 9 mg/day

• Children 1-4 years 1.25 mg/day; 4+ years 2.5 mg/day


B 6 Vitamin is one of the few water-soluble vitamins that can be toxic in high single doses and in prolonged elevated doses. Always stay well within the upper limits noted above.

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