There are many facts about vitamins and on these pages you can get the real skinny on choline and many others.


• as a coenzyme utilizes the body’s fats and cholesterol

• metabolic functions are enhanced

• works with inositol as a core part of lecithin, an emulsifying agent that helps keep fats in solution in blood and body fluids

• it is synthesized by interaction of B12 and folic acid with methionine (an amino acid) – does this underline that you need a symphony of nutrients or what?


No RDA. AI is:

• Adults: Males 550 mg/day: Females 425 mg/day

• Teens: Males 550 mg/day; Females 400 mg/day

• Children: 1-4 years 200 mg/day; 4+ years 250 mg/day

Dosage by Supplements

• average diet estimated to contain 400-900 mg/day

• reasonable supplementation would be:

• Adults 100 mg/day

• Teens 45 mg/day

• Children (special form from soy)1-4 25 mg/day; 4+ 45 mg/day


• not known but avoid high dosages which are possibly implicated with depression

More Information

You will find lots more information, including full citations and summaries of studies from medical journals in my book It’s About Health. But you can also continue to surf the 200 free pages of this website for lots of valuable, evidence-based information.

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