Copper Element

Copper element as nutrition in humans is a trace mineral – if you’ve arrived here as a physical scientist, don’t run away – without your health, your activities will be severely curtailed – so check out the health information on these pages find out why your health is your biggest asset. Is Your Health an Asset?

• copper and your health is an interesting topic because it is essential to your immunity and health Br J Nutr 2007

• copper works as cofactor with proteins for normal brain function J Biol Chem 2005

• essential for many enzymatic reactions Encyl Nat Healing

• with iron helps red blood cells transport oxygen Encyl Nat Healing

• lends strength and elasticity to connective tissue Encyl Nat Healing

• cofactor with Vitamin C

• highest % concentrations in kidney, heart, brain, and liver although 50% of body’s total is in bones and muscles

• copper supplements may be needed because most of us don’t eat the proper foods to get it from our diet

• it is the synergistic effect of micronutrients that is so important – Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E and folic acid and the trace elements copper, selenium, iron, and zinc work together to support protective properties of immune cells Br J Nutr 2007


• Adults 900 mcg/day

• Teens 700-890 mcg/day

• Children 1-4 years 340 mcg/day; 4+ 440 mcg/day

Dosage by Copper Supplements

Ratio of zinc to copper intake should be 10:1

• Adults 2mg/day

• Teens 1 mg/day

• Children 1-4 years 0.5 mg/day; 4+ years 1 mg/day

Copper Toxicity

Up to 35 mg/day for adults, from all sources, is considered safe. Birth control pills increase retention.

More Information

You will find lots more information, including full citations and summaries of studies from medical journals in my book It’s About Health. But you can also continue to surf the 200 free pages of this website for lots of valuable, evidence-based information.

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