CoQ10 - Coenzyme Q10

Strictly speaking CoQ10 is not a vitamin. But it is so important to our body that I have included it here so you don’t miss it.

Its antioxidant properties are significant and it is thus an important component of any mens vitamins and womens vitamins.

Antioxidants (Insert Link) are important in dealing with free radicals and help to prevent degenerative diseases.

Mitochondria• Co Q10 is key to production of energy in the mitochondria (the energy creator) in every cell of our body because CoQ10 is essential component of the mitochondrial electron transport chain used to create ATP

• ATP (Adenosine-5-Triphosphate) is a molecule in which energy is stored and used by our bodies – without CoQ10 this electron transport chain does not function (image from

• ability to assimilate and synthesize from food diminishes with age – ever wonder why 2 and 3 year old scan run in circles so long? – they make lots of CoQ10 – that’s why late teens can party all night and get up and go to work – after age 20 or so this starts to change

• CoQ10 levels fall dramatically after age 40 and Congestive Heart Failure is linked to deficiency J Nutr Environ Med 2004

Before . CoQ10 is reported to aid in maintaining healthy gum structure, very important if you want to keep your teeth because advancing recession of the gums increasingly exposes the roots. This can lead to decay in the roots and ultimately to loosening and loss of teeth. Flossing is important in preventing "periodontal disease", but so is CoQ10.

• heart attack victims have deficiency of CoQ10 in heart muscle

• deficiency associated with reduced function of muscles and connective tissue

• Let’s repeat this because it is so important – CoQ10 is essential to energy production in every cell of every body in the world

• Concentrated in heart, liver, kidney and pancreas

• Absorbed from meats, fish (especially cold water oily fish), veggie oils but in small amounts especially as we age

• Protects arteries

• Protects proteins from oxidation

• Oxidized proteins are functionally ineffective and biomarkers of aging

• Peroxidation of cell membranes and LDL cholesterol cause coronary atherosclerosis - CoQ10 helps prevent this

• Lowers systolic blood pressure South Med J 2001

• Statin type cholesterol lowering drugs reduce serum levels of CoQ(sub)10 J Am Coll Nutr and J Nutr Environ Med 2004

• Serum levels of CoQ10 is increased by CoQ10 supplements while those on a placebo in a study of 99 healthy police and firemen ended up with lower levels Bio Factors 2003


Hydrosoluble form is the most bio-available.


Not shown.

Dosage by Supplements

• Adults – at least 12 mg/day - see It's About Health (link below) for levels used in medical studies for specific medical conditions.

• Teens – don’t need it they make enough from food

• Children – same as teens


Toxicity is not known and it has been safely taken in medical studies as supplements up to 1200 mg/day. Some side effects were noted in some patients at doses above 600 mg/day.

More Information

You will find lots more information, including full citations and summaries of studies from medical journals in my It’s About Health. But you can also continue to surf the 200 free pages of this website for lots of valuable, evidence-based information. It’s About Health

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