GenY Job Postings

GenY Job Postings is designed to assist GenYers (sometimes known as Millenials) in defining what they want in GenY jobs and Gen Y careers.

In a general sense you might want to explore the option of working as an independent, in a team setting or in a GenY team setting.

If you can find the right company then we suggest that you consider working as independent in a company where you will be your own boss but you won't be alone:

  • -work in a fun team
  • - set your own hours and vacation
  • - determine where and how to work - telecommute IS the norm
  • - use technology that increases productivity
  • - use of social media encouraged
  • - take advantage of significant opportunities to grow at your own speed
  • - pick your dress code
  • - be mentored by experienced boomers
  • - social activities encouraged
  • - use professional tools for personal and professional growth

One option is to start your own business. That will satisfy some of the above criteria.

A recent study points out that 60% of GenYers consider themselves entrepreneurs and have plans to leave their current job to launch their own business. Why would they want to do this? 69% cite Freedom as a motivator; 66% are motivated by the ability to choose their projects; 63% gave unlimited income potential as a motivator; and 62% loved the idea of being able to control their own work. You'll find the report here from  

Another option is to start a special type of business that meets each of the above requirements. And it requires a sensibly minimal investment of between $500 and $1500. That recent report tells us that the Health and Wellness field, a desire to heal, tops the list of interests for Millenials.  You can check out one option here.

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