Rippling for Dollars 

This is an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company involving apps that will go viral. Imagine getting a piece of the action in even one viral app.  How about a lot of viral apps?

This has nothing to do with vitamins and supplements. As an international entrepreneur supporting health is one of my business interests. But I believe in multiple streams of income. So I have added one more.

If you have a smart phone like an IPhone or an android like Samsung etc. then you probably know about “apps”. They are also critical for devices like IPads. But you might not know about “viral apps”. Gen Y knows all about them. These are good apps that spread like wildfire around the world.

In the early 1960s I was offered the chance to get in on the ground floor of Tim Horton’s. Had I invested a little then …

But my response was  -“ you’re going to sell what – donuts? You must be crazy”. Well Ron Joyce, the guy we thought was crazy to waste his money in donuts, is now crazy rich. That was a kind of viral app of its era. But of course it grew much, much more slowly.

Then there was Microsoft – “what 2 kids in a garage – you must be crazy”. And Apple.

I was introduced to Rippln on Saturday evening 13 April on a marketing webinar run by an international marketing group I am part of. I was the 12th person who entered the Ripple that evening from this huge marketing group. So who’s “crazy” now? This was the evening of the pre-launch so you can only get in by invitation. No money is involved to get in.

Then I was very busy all week with two Society Boards I sit on. The next Saturday (20 April) I listened to another webinar from my marketing group. In that week Rippln had grown from zero to 110,000 in 183 countries. That really woke me up. This is still in pre-launch for about another month. So you only get in by invitation.

Pre-launch is the time to do this. Before it is opened up to everyone.

Now is the time to go to . You will be asked for a code. Just scroll down past that and watch the very brief video.  If you want to get in on the pre-launch tell me what 12 hour period we can do this. I will send you the code and you can get in.

E-mail me now at to get a formal invitation and code. Before it goes public.