Active Boomers Active Sports 

There is a wide range of Active Sports from which Active Boomers can choose to maintain or improve their level of health. remember to check with your health-care provider or physician before undertaking a new physical activity or moving to a higher level of existing activity. You can check your health level here.

Tennis can be played as long as you are reasonably mobile. In fact wheelchair tennis is an Olympic sport.

Many communities have free outdoor  tennis courts.  So once you have acquired a racquet it can be a really inexpensive activity. There might even be a boomers’ league in your area, or a league for seniors. Google it.

Just remember that physically you are no longer in your 20’s. Show some sensible sympathy to yourself, your partners and your “opponents”. Forget about those driving serves and those blasting returns. Play at a realistic physical level. Figure out what competition means as you age and find a playing partner at the same level. You can still get in some good exercise serving underhand and not worrying about getting your opponent backed up to the service line and running all over the court.  Think more about fun and less about winning! You’re not in the WTA. In fact you don’t even have to keep score!

The fact that Cycling is an age-unlimited sport was brought home to me when we were RVing along the French Mediterranean one winter. Every morning groups of guys would pull their racing bikes out of their RVs and off they’d go for a couple of hours all suited out in their colours. These were serious riders in their 60’s and 70’s and I would see them on the winding hilly roads along the Meditteranean, taking turns drafting each other, stretching out their endurance and stopping for “un café et un croissant” after 10 or 15 kilometers before turning around to come back.

Our riding was a little more sedate. We used mountain bikes and stuck more or less to bike trails, paths and sidewalks. Even though French drivers are much better than those in North America, we preferred to be off the roads. In most North American cities and towns you can find bike trails and other less travelled roads to get out and roll off a few miles. There are great trails in Vancouver, BC ; Portland Oregon; and Coronado, California  . Google bike trails in your own town.

Blading or Roller Blading is another great form of exercise. And you can use a lot of the same trails that bikes use. But remember there are no brakes on roller blades. So you will want to avoid hills and inclines especially if you are new to the sport. You can go very fast on roller blades, even on level ground, and if you fall you can get a bad case of road burn. Stay away from roads and cars. Just like riding a motorcycle, a bike, or walking it is imperative to remember that YOU ARE INVISIBLE to cars which weigh a lot more than you and carry tons of momentum. It is a good idea to start with lessons. And learn how to stop. Check out safety rules; here’s a set from Texas. Google some more from your area.