Vitamin C Graduation Song

The Vitamin C Graduation Song doesn’t really have anything to do with secrets about vitamins – it is a fun song about graduation and the future.

Ah – the future – then it is connected to our main focus – health.

There are ways to make health a part of your future whether you’re graduating from high school, university, your 30’s, 40’s or making the jump from middle age to zoomerdom.

Health relates to all ages and places. So, whatever your age, you’ll all find useful, evidence-based information - the real skinny - yuk, yuk, about health and disease prevention throughout these pages so surf on, dude, surf on. You can find the Graduation Song by Clicking Here (opens new window). and then surf right back here.

More Information About Health

You will find lots more information, including full citations and summaries of studies from medical journals in my book It’s About Health. But you can also continue to surf the 200 free pages of this website for lots of valuable, evidence-based information. It’s About Health

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