Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

There are no effective exercises to lose weight quickly. Free weight training exercises or weight resistance exercises will help to build or at a minimum maintain muscle while you lose weight.

And that is very important because as you know from the preceding page Weight Management (opens new window)when you lose weight you lose water, fat and muscle. Before

When you stop your diet you regain the water and fat. Your body now has less muscle, a higher percentage of body fat so it is less effective at burning fat.

If you repeat the diet and the same process you’ll end up with an even higher percentage of body fat.

And boy was I doing that in spades before I discovered healthy eating, top quality vitamins and scientifically designed weight bearing exercises. This. I am ashamed to say is me at age 54 - the BEFORE image.

Take Action Now

So as you lose weight you need to build muscle.

And that’s where it’s important to remember there are no effective exercises to lose weight quickly.

It does take time, but remember that time is on your side - especially if you start now. Don't wait for the birth of your first grandchild to be the motivating factor.

Take Action. I did and my body began to change. So instead of getting older I helped myself become younger by losing fat while building muscle - and turning my body into a "fat burning machine".

But you don't have to wait until you're in your 50's to do this. Get into healthy eating, top quality vitamins and weight-bearing exercise now and reap the wonderful benefits.

If you want to Kick Start weight loss you can do a very effective cleanse, which by cleansing key organs has the wonderful side-effect of helping you lose weight. You can review Kick Start the Process near the bottom of the preceding page Weight Management (opens new window).

And then you follow a program of weight bearing exercises (typically free weight training exercises) combined with aerobics for cardiovascular integrity.

Before starting any exercise program check with your doctor MD.

Fitness GymGroup exercises can be effective. It really depends on whether:

the group is at a level that pushes you a bit,

the group is as, or more, serious and committed as you,

the trainer is competent,

the meeting time is one you can consistently meet,

the travel distance and time is reasonable, and

the exercises involve weight resistance exercises (or free weight training. exercises).

So you can see there are many considerations to look at before joining group exercises. Can you think of others?

The big plus for group exercises, that meet all these standards, is that for a lot of people they can provide the motivation to stick with the program. They can also provide a social contact that is missing in some lives – although I have seen groups where that becomes the reason for attending, rather than a side benefit.

Excellent Individual Program

For an excellent program you can do in the comfort of your own home 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week follow this link to an Excellent Program of Weight Resistance Exercises (opens new window) OR

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