Weight Loss After Menopause

The capacity of most women for weight loss after menopause diminishes. The reasons for this are reasonably well understood. Weight loss plans for teens are another issue altogether. But we don’t have to be specific to age groups as long as we focus on weight management. This page is about weight management for all ages not just weight loss after menopause.

Weight Management for All Ages

Let’s start by talking a bit about terminology. Why do we use the term “weight management”?

Fat ManWe think that weight loss is not a big deal. People know how to do it. They do it all the time. Over and Over and Over.

To lose weight, people use “Diets”. Well what’s wrong with that? Frankly they do work – Over and Over and Over. And that’s the problem.

• 99% of diets help you lose water, muscle and then fat

• when you go off the diet you regain water and fat, NOT muscle

• this creates the vicious cycle known as yo-yo dieting, because

• with less muscle in your body after each diet, your body cannot effectively burn fat – the more you diet, the fatter you get - and that's what this guy has been doing

• in addition most diets do not distinguish between low and high glycemic foods (especially carbohydrates)

• high glycemic foods (e.g. potatoes, white bread, white pasta and rice release their sugars faster than table sugar) cause an insulin spike – blood sugar rises then insulin rises because it is the body’s hormone for sugar storage – it drives it into the cell and stores it as fat –if you’ve forgotten this you can review it Click Here (opens new window).

• blood sugar comes down, we get hungry, lack energy and eat again, spike our insulin, store the fat in our cells, get hungry and/or low energy and eat again, spike our insulin, store the fat …and so on and so on and so on – until we are FAT or FATTER

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR YET? Does this help explain why diabetes is so strongly associated with obesity? Good the message is getting through.

• LEAN breaks this cycle by building muscle as you lose weight in a slow controlled fashion utilizing 6 principles

• LEAN breaks this vicious cycle with right balance of low glycemic index carbs, protein and fats (50,30,20) – instead of excess insulin you produce glucagon which takes fat and utilizes it - if you want a program to Reset your body to break your dependence on High Glycemic foods click here - then Products, then Foods, then Reset - opens in new window)

• The combination of the LEAN program, and Super Supplements (opens new window) actually ensure that you avoid pre-diabetes and diabetes while maintaining a healthy, fit weight and appearance

• Understand now why all the highly advertised diet programs, and all the high carb, low fat, or high protein, low fat, or high fat, low protein etc etc diets do NOT work?

• Sure you’ll lose weight – we can do it all the time

• But the key is managing weight

This is about far more than weight loss after menopause. Looking for weight loss plans for teens, a weight management article, or juice recipes for weight loss. It’s all here. And it’s linked to the much more powerful principles of weight management.

Why Should You Care?

• Over 50% of Canadians (and even more Americans) are clinically overweight - Macleans and other sources

• Childhood obesity doubled in the 1980s – only 36% of kids engage in regular physical activity in school (all indications are that this has only worsened) - J Phys Ed Recr 1985 And it’s gotten worse since then.

• Fat is the next tobacco according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation - in their 2004 Annual Report Card they said “the increasing number of overweight and obese Canadians now poses one of the greatest threats ever to public health in this country”. Same is true in the USA.

• If for no other reason, you should be concerned because “fat” increases the costs of Medicare and of health insurance programs generally

• A Nielsen survey found that adults watch an average of 3 hours and 45 minutes of TV per DAY. Assuming that 10 hours of the day are left for activities other than working or sleeping this means that adults spend over 1/3rd of their free time as couch potatoes

• Weight bearing exercise builds bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis

• 90% of hip fractures in the elderly are caused by their losing their balance, and not having sufficient musculature in the legs to prevent falling over – when their osteoporotic hip strikes the ground it is then fractured – most die within a year from complications - Chronicle of Higher Education


Let’s flip the acronym on its side…

L = Lifestyle – not a diet about losing weight it is a lifestyle program about Winning a Lean Healthy Body for Life

E = Education – education about the 6 principles that produce a Lean Healthy Lifestyle

• Low glycemic index foods

• Proper amounts and ratios of macronutrients

• Low acid foods

• Nutrient supplementation with super supplements

• Physical activity (weight bearing and aerobic)

• Winning attitude

A = Activity

• losing weight is not the problem – people do it all the time

• regaining lost weight is the problem – people do it all the time – Over and Over and Over and Over – its called yo-yo dieting

• muscles burn fat – putting right amount of stress on them burns fat and builds muscle which continues to burn fat – weight bearing exercise is the key

N = Nutrition

• learn proper ratio of macronutrients your body needs to lose fat and keep your blood sugar levels and pH levels balanced

Kick Start the Process

We recently discovered a product that safely helps to detoxify the body by accelerating the removal of impurities. The amazing and truly beneficial side-effect is that because toxins bind to fat, when you detoxify fat is diminished. And this is good for weight loss after menopause and for all ages.

A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger, resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is filled with impurities. Many people notice an ability to reach and maintain their ideal weight.

This gives you a great head start, and makes LEAN weight management much easier. You can check it out if you Click Here - then on Products and then on Cleanse (opens new window). All this gives you a good fix on weight loss after menopause and for all ages.

So launch yourself toward Weight Management - Lifestyle, Education, Activity, Nutrition.

And if you've forgotten about how to get good nutrition go back to Healthy Eating Guidelines (opens new window).

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