Excellent 5th Wheel Trailer 

This is a 2003 Okanagan Ultra Lite  "UL23-5 SL Wide Body" 5th Wheel trailer in excellent condition. 

Detailed specs are at the bottom of the page.

This slider is easily moved out and in by simply pushing on it from inside or out. NO complicated systems or motors to break down, it makes an incredible difference in interior space. But you still end up with a dry weight of under 3900 lbs. and a hitch weight of 600 lbs. Easy pulling.

Collapsible, removable bike rack holds 4 bikes. Once you are set up at a campsite you can put this rack and your bikes on the back of the truck, leaving the box empty. This can be purchased separately - or you can buy one at Canadian Tire.

Double sinks make a huge difference for dishwashing.

Love this washroom - very spacious for a smaller 5th wheel. Sit in tub and shower.

Good -size Dometic fridge (5 cubic feet). 2 way - propane and electric. This baby really gets cold. Freezer keeps everything frozen on either gas or electric systems.

Lots of storage in closet and cupboards. 5 drawers under kitchen counter.

AM/FM Radio and CD player over dinette. Excellent sound.

Good storage under dinette seats.

There is no A/C in this unit. But there is something just as effective, unless you want to live in Saunaville, Arizona. In the ceiling you can see a $500 - 2 way, multispeed fan. Running on the 12 volt system this fan can either pull in cool air, or extract hot air. Better yet, in exhaust mode it pulls in cool air through the open door (and windows) and blows the hot air out the top. Very efficient and no need to be plugged in at an expensive campsite to run A/C. 

This couch in the slider coverts to a bed. With the dinette also converted to a bed you can sleep a total of 6 people.

Big effective awning.

Tandem axles with 15" wheels. 

Ready to roll. This combo is great for a young family. Quad cab seats up to 6 and trailer sleeps up to 6.

It is luxurious for a couple.

This is a great hitch. Built in Victoria BC, it has a forward position for normal towing and operation; and a rear position for close, complicated manoeuvring. You can find details here. (Opens new window)

It is shown here in the forward position.

The hitch can be removed (4 pins) from the truck, leaving a clear box.

There is also a Delta Storage Box ahead of the hitch. Details here. (Opens new window)

Note superior Box liner by Armaguard. See the details on this high tech spray-on box liner here. (Opens new window)

For detailed specs on the RAM 1500 4X4 Quad Cab CLICK HERE. (Opens new window)

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For detailed specs scroll down.

Detailed Specifications

The following two images are from the original brochure.

You can increase your view size of the page but the specs are not really clear enough to read. So here they are.

UL23-5 SL Wide Body (unit on the right)


Overall Length           22'11"

Overall Width              8'2"

Overall Height             9'2" plus height of Max Vents

Inside Height               6'4"

Hitch Weight (kg/lbs)   273/600

Dry Weight (kg/lbs)     1742/3833

GVWR (kg/lbs)            2292/5043

Fresh Water (Imp/US)     38/47 gallons

Grey Water (Imp/US)       28/35 gallons

Black Water (Imp/US)     28/35 gallons

All lights have LED bulbs for minimal draw and maximum light.

I have added an additional deep cycle 12 volt battery - for a total of 2 - with the appropriate 4 position battery switch.

There is also a 20 AMP multi-battery , multi-phase battery charger. RV's typically have a mickey mouse charger, putting out about 4.5-6 volts, which never fully charges your batteries resulting in dramatically decreased life. Basically they are trickle chargers. Useless. This charger fully charges both batteries simultaneously.

The right-hand column lists the features and specs. Note that all the ticked options are included. There is no A/C as mentioned above. There is no microwave although one cupboard is wired for it.

This is a well outfitted unit.

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