Folic Acid Supplements

Folic acid supplements are critical to good health and specifically to a healthy cardiovascular system. Deficiency is common because folic acid is easily destroyed by bright lights and cooking.

• water-soluble B Complex vitamin

• most common nutrient to be deficient in human diet

• absorption hindered by smoking, alcohol, sulfa-based drugs, and oral contraceptives

• acts as coenzyme with B12 and C to break down and utilize protein

• essential for blood formation, especially red and white blood cells

• involved in biosynthesis of nucleic acids including RNA/DNA for cell growth

• together with B6 and B12, 1000 mcg of folic acid per day keep homocysteine levels (an independent factor for heart disease) in the safe range Lancet 1995

• There was good research being conducted on homocysteine levels and cardiovascular/heart disease until the Pharmaceutical Industry created cholesterol lowering dugs and all the research money went there to support the industry – cholesterol lowering drugs can be patented and big money can be made – B6, B12 and folic acid cannot be patented so no big money to be made from research on how they lower homocysteine and support cardiovascular/heart health

• Insist that your doctor authorize tests to measure and monitor your homocysteine

essential for:

- brain function

- mental/emotional health

- with B12 to prevent anemia

• protects liver

easily destroyed by:

- heat – cooking

- bright lights – as in bright store display lights over leafy green vegetables, normally a good source

- being left at room temperature for long time – refrigeration necessary


Before• fetus depletes mother’s reserves of folic acid

• deficiency in mother can cause neural tube defects in fetus

• taking folic acid supplements can prevent this JAMA 1989 and 1993. Also Lancet 1991.

• important that it is taken beginning at least 6 weeks before conception

• ideally it is taken all the time


• Adults 400 mcg/day

• Teens 400 mcg/day

• Children 1-4 years 150 mcg/day; 4+ years 200 mcg/day

Dosage by Supplements

As Folic Acid:

• Adults 1000 mcg/day

• Teens 800 mcg/day

• Children 1-4 years 200 mcg/day; 4+ years 400 mcg/day


• no known toxicity

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