• Inositol is essential for hair growth – too bad it’s not helping me get lost hair back again

• large amounts of caffeine can deplete it

Partially Blocked ARtery• helps reduce cholesterol levels

• works with choline as a core part of lecithin, an emulsifying agent that helps keep fats in solution in blood and body fluids

• helps remove fats from liver

• working with choline helps prevent arteriosclerosis (blockage of the artery as seen to the right)

• helps brain cells take in nutrients

• essential to growth and health of cells in bone marrow, eye membranes and intestines


Not shown.

Dosage by Supplements

Should be about the same as choline intake:

• adults 150 mg/day

• teens 30 mg/day

• Children 1-4 years 15 mg/day; 4+ 30 mg/day


No known toxicity but above levels are sufficient.

More Information

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