Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Magnetic Resonance Therapy, sometimes referred to As Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy or PEMF, is a proven way to counteract the very dangerous, invasive and unavoidable electro-magnetic pollution of the modern world.

For millennia, human beings evolved on the surface of the earth, moving to and fro on foot through the earth's magnetic field.

We didn't live on the 2nd, 3rd or 12ᵗʰ floor of a house or apartment, surrounded in some cases by re-bar reinforced concrete, going back and forth to work in a steel cage (car, bus, train or subway)to an assembly line on a re-bar reinforced concrete floor or to an office in a concrete and metal building.

In virtually all of these structures we are surrounded by magnetic fields produced by all of the above factors and by electrical wiring.

Whether our modern human is indoors or outdoors she is bombarded by micro waves from cell towers, radar waves, and radio waves.

Think about the last one for a minute - if you're sitting in a bare room with no furniture and want to hear a newscast or listen to some music what do you have to do? Do you have to open the windows and doors, or knock down some walls? Do you have to go outside?

No of course not. You just have to bring a radio receiver into the bare room, turn it on, tune it to a particular frequency and you pick up those radio waves of that frequency, or any one of maybe 100 other stations.

The waves of all those frequencies are already there in your home.

And the same is true of the now ubiquitous cell phone. It is everywhere and so are the waves associated with it.

Our modern human being is constantly bombarded. He or she is in the middle of a massive cloud of electro-magnetic pollution that blocks and interferes with the natural magnetic fields of the earth - the natural fields in which we evolved and which supply our bodies with the "energy" they need to be healthy and to survive.

Luckily for you and your loved ones you'll find more information on Magnetic Resonance Therapy, or PEMF, that can be effectively delivered by pulsed electro magnetic frequencies in a fashion that copies the natural earth's magnetic field at safe and appropriate frequencies. You can get there by continuing to detailed information about PEMF