PEMF and Magnetic Fields

PEMF machines are interesting creatures. There are lots of choices in Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy machines. So you need to have some guidance in comparing different models.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy is a very important arrow in our quiver if we want to protect and enhance our health. PEMF is not rocket science but if you don’t get the right equipment you could do more harm than good. Some PEMF devices have intensity and flux rates that are too high for the body to absorb effectively and some at high rates can do harm.

So you do want to make an informed decision and be able to select equipment that will be effective and safe.

Why create pulsed electromagnetic fields?

This is the type of environment in which humanity evolved, walking through the earth’s magnetic field up to 20 km a day.

Over time we migrated more and more to small towns.

Cities arose and expanded until the majority of us live or work there.

This long term process put us in contact with a lot of unintended consequences so that we have arrived at the environment in which we live today.

Before the invention of electricity, we lived in a 100% natural frequency spectrum, surrounded only by the frequency of the Earth's magnetic field, the Schumann Waves or Schuman Resonance and the resulting harmonics caused by the colliding of individual frequencies. We were, figuratively speaking, in a biological cloud frequency (shown in green). With the advent of electricity and the resulting variety of high-tech inventions, the environment became artificially modified beyond all measure. Computers, laptops, satellites, GPS, mobile phones, WiFi, etc. .. produce more and more artificial frequencies, which now collide with natural frequencies. The result is an uncontrollable random-chaos of information (frequency chaos), while the all-important "biological cloud" is being destroyed around us. Electromagnetic pollution produces therefore not only primary negative effects (thermal effects), but also leads to us suffering from a deficit of natural frequencies (non-thermal effect).


The biological cloud becomes thinner and thinner. Interestingly, when we holiday in more natural settings we usually feel better instantly. This is in large part due to the fact that we are re-building the biological cloud around us, because during a holiday we are not exposed to artificial frequencies to the extent that we are in our daily lives. Experts refer to this as "Grounding". The carrier frequencies of all those technical “advances” are demonstrably far outside the range of natural frequencies, and we are apparently not able to go in resonance with these artificial frequencies. Just look at frequencies of mobile phones, satellites and the power to your home, they are all outside of the natural spectrum that our bodies need and crave.


Cell Function

What happens in the body when we expose ourselves to a natural, pulsating, electromagnetic field? Around the cell membrane are Ions. For the cell to metabolize minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, oxygen and many other substances when they reach the cell, they must be transported into the cell. That means that nutrients whether they from natural foods or nutritional supplements must be transported into the cell.

The cell membrane is permeable.  But to absorb the necessary materials, the cell needs energy. This energy cannot be produced by the body itself and it needs help from the outside. When we walk through and over the earth's magnetic field, which is largely a static field, it is converted into a pulsed field. This impulse forces Ions to move, creating an electric potential around the cell membrane, which controls the permeability of the membrane ion channels. If we still had the earth's magnetic field in its original form, and our evolutionary life style of walking through it for 15 to 20 km a day we would be able to maintain a high cell membrane potential and keep our organism healthy.


Unfortunately, the earth's magnetic field is already heavily blanketed with artificial frequencies way beyond the optimum level for human health. Moreover, the intensity of the natural magnetic fields of the earth are limited by the density of buildings and interference, especially in an urban environment, and we no longer benefit from the earth magnetic field to the extent necessary for optimal health.


Is this going to get better or worse? Do you see more high-rises and condominiums in your environment? Densification is a huge goal by all levels of government. You have heard the rationale – better rapid transit, better service infrastructure, better use of the land, not building on agricultural land etc. All good arguments - but densification inexorably has an increasing negative impact on your access to the earth’s life-giving magnetic field.


For maximum health of every cell in your body if you live or work in an urban environment you need a medically certified substitute for the earth’s magnetic field. And that’s where PEMF – pulsed electromagnetic field therapy comes in. PEMF makes pulsating magnetic-resonance-stimulation. It creates an artificially pulsating electromagnetic field, much like the natural earth's magnetic field, which initiates Ion movement, improves cell membrane potential and stimulates the metabolism, which generates more energy (ATP) in each of our more than 70 trillion cells. The result is a holistic, regulating and balancing wellness application for the entire organism.



Why Magnetic Resonance Stimulation?

A short summary: There are a variety of approaches, why the use of a pulsating magnetic field, similar to that of the earth, has immediate and sustainable health-promoting effects on our organisms: First, it balances the Earth's magnetic field deficit, which is due to the increasing construction density. The potential increase of electromagnetic pollution also superimposes on the geomagnetic field and we are no longer exposed to a magnetic field to the extent and quality that we need. Unlike our forefathers, we are walking and moving less (about 15 to 20 km, compared to today about 800 meters a day). The result is a significant reduction in vital and health-promoting metabolic processes. In many respects we accept our world today as looking more and more like this.

and less like this

In Place of the Earth’s Magnetic Field

As we have seen the earth’s magnetic field has been compromised a number of ways in today’s world.


But with a specific medical device that you can safely use in your own home, we achieve a fundamental and immediate effect in every single cell in the body. The cell membrane potential is improved through the stimulation of ions, which in turn enhances the exchange of substances, producing more cellular energy ATP = adenosine triphosphate). The entire body stores more energy, the essential factor for recovery and good health!

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen. What if we could improve the oxygen carrying potential of our red blood cells? One important method of determining the effectiveness of PEMF therapy is to measure the potential of the membrane of red blood cells to allow oxygen into these critical cells. The method is called dark-field microscopy. Marie-Claire Rucquoy was trying to sell a PEMF therapy device to a clinician who said “OK let’s test your device to see how effectively it improves the membrane potential of red blood cells”. The first slide is from a blood sample taken immediately before PEMF Therapy. It shows her red blood cells clumped together, many overlapping and thus decreasing the membrane potential. Not very good uptake of oxygen.

This second dark-field microscopy slide shows her red blood cells after 8 minutes of PEMF therapy on this medically approved device.

There are only two partial overlaps of cells and far fewer are even touching each other. The membrane potential is immediately improved after only 8 minutes. The rate of oxygen uptake is thus elevated and the transport of oxygen throughout her body was enhanced contributing to higher production of energy at the cellular level.

The clinician then tried this device with another clinician, herself, her husband and a friend, and was so impressed when they all got similar or better results that she purchased this Health Canada Certified Medical Device for her practice.

But the key is to buy and use a PEMF device certified by Health Canada and, in the USA, listed and regulated by the FDA. To protect your health - accept no other alternative.

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