Manganese Supplements

Manganese supplements are a good way to get the many health benefits of manganese because a lot is lost in the processing of foods and the milling of grains.

• Trace mineral

• important catalyst and cofactor in many enzymatic processes and reactions Alt Med

• maintains skeletal and connective structural tissue Alt Med

• protects cellular integrity Alt Med

• essential for blood sugar control/glucose tolerance

• helps nervous system, brain, sex hormone production

• hard for body to store it

• lots lost in processing foods and milling of grains

• deficiencies can trigger seizures in epileptics; atherosclerosis; significant issue in infants


I haven’t seen research to support it but there is a broadly held assumption that manganese picolinate, gluconate or other chelates are better absorbed.


No RDA is given. AI is:

• Adults: Males 2.3 mg/day; Females 1.8 mg/day

• Teens: Males 2.2 mg/day; Females 1.6 mg/day

• Children 1-4 years 1.2 mg/day; 4+ years 1.5 mg/day

Dosage by Supplements

As manganese gluconate:

• Adults 5 mg/day

• Teens 3 mg/day

• Children 1-4 years 0.5 mg/day; 4+ years 1 mg/day


• Very high doses can cause iron deficiency anemia

• High tissue levels can cause Parkinson’s

• Manganese toxicity from pollution and mining can cause serious illnesses

More Information

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