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Anti Wrinkle Skincare

Natural skincare recipes are very important in protecting the largest organ of your body. The best skincare line uses the best skincare product; products using the most natural ingredients possible for protection of your skin and anti wrinkle skincare. Ladies seem to instinctively know and care about skincare. But men seem to be oblivious or at least to lag behind.

Perhaps that’s because they have a hard time being convinced that their skin is the largest organ of their body – dreaming hopefully and endlessly that another part of their anatomy is their largest organ.

BeforeSkin, whose structure is quite complex and sophisticated, is about 16% of a healthy adult’s weight; it is made up of water – 70%, Protein – 25.5% and Fats – 2%.

You need to nourish and protect all 3 layers – the epidermis (outer), dermis and hypodermis, from the inside with super supplements; (opens new window) with healthy eating (opens new window) and with a high quality natural best skincare line that you apply topically.

Through exfoliation and new cell growth your skin is replaced about every 27 days. So protection of your skin is a lifelong activity – not something you do every second or third summer. You need healthy skin cells in which the DNA has not been damaged so that when they replicate they produce healthy new skin.

Having a healthy skin and protecting it against damage is the first line defence of our immune system. A study in 2001 demonstrated that: “As the outermost layer of skin, the stratum corneum (SC) is continuously exposed to an oxidative environment, including air pollutants, ultraviolet radiation, chemical oxidants, and aerobic micro organisms. Human SC reveals characteristic antioxidant and protein oxidation towards the outer layers.” Skin Pharmacalo Appl Kin Physiol 2001

Another study the same year found that alpha-tocopherol (natural Vitamin E) is, relative to the respective levels in the epidermis, the major antioxidant in the human outermost layer of skin, Stratum Corneum. Curr Probl Dermatol 2001

Vitamin C is also an important nutrient for healthy skin and useful in good topical applications. Exper Derm 2003

For these and other studies showing the useful effects of carotenoids like beta-carotene see It’s About Health (opens new window).

Best Skincare Line

• The best skin care line needs to be science-based products from the ground up – products that are self-preserving and free of parabens and alpha-hydroxy acids

• Natural skincare recipes have to contain safe and highly effective ingredients that provide nutrition to the cells.

• Effectiveness needs to be tested in clinical and efficacy studies that are the are most thorough in the industry

• They should be tested by leading toxicologists to ensure there is no possibility of the ingredients interrupting the viability of the cells

• The botanical line-up of ingredients must incorporate natural moisturizers, natural cleansers and natural phytonutrient constituents

• A best skin care product has to have superior packaging that keeps the ingredients low touch or no touch and diminishes oxidation and contamination so formulas remain safe and effective after opening

• QUALITY CONTROL – the producer needs to own and control the manufacturing plant to ensure it has non-shedding walls, inert ceiling tiles and positive air pressure environment so that no contaminants can flow in

• Owning the plant ensures total pharmaceutical grade quality control – no dependence on contract manufacturers

• Finally and very importantly natural skincare recipes need to have a patented self-preserving technology – technology that ensures there are no parabens and other preservatives – no formaldehyde releasing preservatives - these chemical preservatives are bad for your skin and the rest of your body and they are highly used in the skincare industry

For one proven anti wrinkle skincare product, based on natural skincare recipes, that meets all of these standards Click Here - then Sensé (opens new window)

Some people might call me macho (actually I think I am a healthily sensitive 68 year old guy) and I use these products. I have had outstanding results with them as has everyone I know, women and men.

So guys - just get with it - your skin needs protection just as much as a woman's!

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